terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2008

Aprendendo finlandês

Tervetuloa Suomeen!
Hauska tavata.

Aí vão alguns links para quem quer aprender um pouco de finlandês pela rede virtual:

Cursos de Finlandês e Exercícios:
Blog Aprendendo Suomi
Ymmärrä suomea!
The course comprises 19 texts that exist in audio as well, a basic Finnish-English dictionary, a grammar book, exercises and a list of verbs.
Suomea, ole hyvä!
The material comprises videos for elementary-level practice, exercises, crossword puzzles, etc.
Tavataan taas!
The course includes glossaries, grammar explained and short practisce sentences. The languages used are Finnish and English.
Study material for the TV series of the same name. Texts, exercises, grammar, videos.
Grammar exercises. Some are also suitable for adults.
Suomen kielen harjoituksia
Exercises in English.
A website for studying elementary Finnish.
A chance to speak Finnish
Basic sentences read in Finnish and translated into English.
Finnish School
Exercises from Finnish into English and vice versa. Registration required.
Free language course enabling the study of Finnish in the following languages:

Gramática e informações na língua finlandesa:
The Finnish Language
Finnish grammar and information on the language in English.
Finnish Grammar
Finnish Grammar and word conjugations. Explanations in English.
Virtual Finland: The Finnish Language
Information on the Finnish language and grammar in English.
Finnish Language
Discussion on the Finnish language and Finnish culture.
A programme for conjugating Finnish verbs.
XRCE Finnish Demos
A programme for performing morphological analysis on Finnish words.
FinnPlace Dictionary
English-Finnish-English dictionary.
Skoldatanätet - lexin
Swedish-Finnish-Swedish dictionary.

Finlandês básico e Informações sobre a Finlândia:

Basic Finnish explained as well as information on Finnish society and the history of Finland.
Maahanmuuttajan ammatti-info
Vocabulary, information on education and professions as well as exercises.
Simple Finnish: news and information on different topics in simple Finnish.

Finland Forum
Finland Forum is an English-language forum for those residing in Finland. Everyone interested in Finland is welcome to join in the conversation.

Tem muitas dicas de como e onde estudar finlandês, inclusive no Brasil.

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